My Dementia Journey step at a time

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My Dementia Journey… step at a time is aimed at carers looking after their ‘loved one' with dementia and contains factual information, tips and advice on dementia, as well as space for carers to write their own reflective thoughts. The book may be used as a learning resource, a personal written account to take along to medical appointments, or as an ‘offloading' tool to relieve some of the stress of looking after someone with dementia.

Also available later this year

Gone but not Forgotten is a bereavement support book for caregivers who have lost their loved one to dementia. This journal/book will support you with comforting quotes, poems and information on a bereavement process unique to losing someone to a dementia illness. There will be space throughout the book to write your own reflective thoughts.

Last Updated: 19/02/2018

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